When you are choosing a real estate agent, you have many choices, but one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether you will work with a local real estate agent or an agent who lives in another community.

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, you will find that working with a local agent has distinct advantages.

1. A Local Agent Knows the Local Market Intimately

When you are working with someone who is going to help you sell your home, you want someone who really knows the local market. Sometimes, this goes beyond simply pulling comps and seeing what has and has not sold.

In today’s digital world, you can practically do this on your own. You need to work with someone who has his or her feet on the ground, working in the market every single day – that is what a local real estate agent can offer.

2. A Local Real Estate Agent Has the Right Network and Contacts.

Sometimes, homes sell not because of any great marketing tactic, but rather because of who the real estate agent knows. Your local agent will have a better feel for who is buying and what they are looking for, and will have networked with other real estate agents in the community.

A local agent will have the local contacts you need to get the house seen and sold quickly.

3. A Local Agent Knows the Community Because They Live There As Well.

For buyers, working with a local agent can help because the agent knows the community.

Local real estate professionals know the neighbourhoods, schools, employers and likely everything else about a community.

While real estate agents are ethically bound not to steer buyers away from properties because they are in “bad” neighbourhoods, a skilled agent can take the time to get to know what you are looking for in a community and help you find a home that will fit that need, without breaking these ethical obligations.

Someone who lives in and is involved in the community is going to have a better understanding of the area.

4. A Local Real Estate Agent Has a Vested Interest in Helping You Sell Your Home.

When you work with a local agent, you are working with someone who is, in many ways, your neighbor. This means that the agent has a deeper interest in really helping you achieve your real estate goals. After all, your agent will be sharing the community with you once you buy a home, or will be looking to you for referrals after you sell.

A local agent is interested in making a sale, but even more so a local agent is interested in making his or her neighbor happy.

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